The International Human Rights Clinic promotes human rights domestically and around the world by providing direct legal representation to clients and organizations in international and domestic forums; documenting human rights violations in the United States and abroad; collaborating with other human rights organizations on cases and projects; and publishing and presenting reports, papers, and other materials related to human rights.

We make a special effort to incorporate international human rights norms in our work within the United States–to “domesticate” international human rights law. This allows us to draw upon a broader range of sources of human rights protection for our clients and in our projects. It also allows us to use a more diverse array of approaches to human rights protection. Our innovative approach to domestic human rights protection expands the traditional domestic rights model and situates it within the broader international human rights movement.

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The International Human Rights Clinic launched its Human Rights For Syrians Initiative (HRSI) in January 2016. The HRSI establishes a network of advocates, attorneys, and service providers in the United States to support Syrian refugees and asylum seekers.

How can you get involved?

  • Be a pro bono attorney with the HRSI and provide legal representation.
  • Join our network as an attorney, advocate, or service provider and receive referrals.
  • Connect us with Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in your community.
  • Train attorneys and advocates.
  • Volunteer your time or donate.

For more information on the HRSI, contact us via email at [email protected] or telephone at (312) 386-2888.